User Friendly Drone Packed With Smarts

DJI Tello

Updated: May 25 2020

DJI Tello is a great beginner drone for little and big kids that will have you flying in no time. The Tello EDU app lets you program Tello for autonomous flying.

Tello is a fun, easy to use drone by Ryze Robotics & DJI one of the biggest names in the world of drones. Its the smallest drone in the DJI family, designed for kids young & old, and is suitable for first time drone pilots. Tello's smarts are provided by DJI's flight control systems running on an Intel processor, elevating it above other remote controlled drones by adding computer vision abilities. Ryze also made this drone programmable, giving coder kids the ability to unlock the Tello's powers with their own code.


Suitable for kids 5 and up

Ease of Use

The Ryze Tello incorporates a whole lot of abilities from it's bigger siblings making it easy to fly even for beginners. Most importantly, Tello has a Vision Positioning system which keeps the drone hovering in the same position, even when you let go of the controls. It has 2 flight speeds. You can fly it in slow mode while learning or fast mode to push the Tello's limits. Auto take off and landing means that the Tello will use its vision positioning system for flawless landing and take offs.

Flying the Tello

Tello can be flown with the Tello app on a smartphone by using virtual joysticks. While the Tello responds ok to this input, its not optimal. To fly the Tello properly you need to use real 'sticks' just like professional drone pilots. The Gamesir T1d controller was made just for flying Tello and gives you a much better flying experience.

Fun Modes

The Tello app has fun modes which are sure to keep kids entertained.

Bounce Mode - Bounce Tello on your hand. A hit with kids.

8D Flips - Instantly perform cool aerobatic manoeuvres via the app.

Throw & Go - Launch Tello by throwing the drone into the air.

Photos & Videos

The Tello is capable of recording 5MP photos and 720p videos. There is Electronics Image Stabilisation which uses software to help get clear shots. Photo and video quality is surprisingly good, more than adequate for posting to social media and sending to friends. DJI also included EZ Shots - pre-programmed actions that make your drone fly and record cool video sequences.

Programming Tello

Once you have mastered how to fly the Tello remotely, you can go one step further and experiment with getting it to fly autonomously. Although its kind of cool to be able to program your drone, it's not the most optimal setup for learning to code. Drone batteries don't last long, and you will only get a few few flights in before having to switch batteries. Still, being able to send your drone through a pre-programmed flight path is a fun experience.

Tello EDU App

The easiest way is with the Tello EDU app which lets you easily program the Tello using a block based drag and drop language. Download it free from the app / play store, connect your Tello and start programming.

Scratch 2

Tello is also fully compatible with Scratch 2. You will first need to have Scratch set up on your computer. Then download Scratch Link which lets your computer communicate with the Tello, then download and add the Tello extensions to Scratch. The video below explains how to get it all set up.

What Else to Get

Extra Batteries - Even with the Tello's decent flight time of 18mins per charge, you may want to stock up on 1 or 2 more batteries to prolong the fun.

Extra Propellers - All pilots make mistakes. Spare props will get you back up in the air in no time.

GameSir T1d Controller - A controller made specially for the the DJI Tello. It attaches to your smartphone to give you better tactile controls for flying the Tello.

Spare or replacement propellers for the DJI Tello

Drone controller for the DJI Tello

Replacement or spare battery for the DJI Tello

Tello Models

DJI has released 2 other Tello models after the first. Tello iron man has a stylized paint job and it's own Tello Hero app for Marvel fans. Tello EDU is a learning package which comes with mission pads - markers which the Tello can interact with, and an updated SDK which lets you control several Tellos in swarm mode.

The EDU edition includes mission pads and an updated SDK for STEM based learning.

Special edition Iron Man Tello

Tello Boost combo comes with additional batteries, props & charging hub.