Updated: May 19 2020

The DJI Robomaster S1 is a futuristic drone tank

The latest drone from DJI is a land based robot tank called the Robomaster S1. But this ain't no normal tank. The S1 is a full on futuristic robot tank with a wealth of tech borrowed from the Robot warriors in DJI's own Robomaster competitions.

The S1's Mecanum wheels enable it to move like no other vehicle. It can move in any direction, strafing to avoid enemy fire. That same active track system which DJI's flying drones used to frame perfect videos is used by the S1 to achieve perfect lock onto enemy tanks.

Best of all the Robomaster is fully programmable. In other words, this beast is a STEM learning tool! There is just no good reason why you shouldn't get one.. for the kids of course.