Faster and more Radical

Sphero Ollie

Updated: May 25 2020

The Raddest Sphero robot is great at tricks and getting air while still being a capable STEM toy for teaching kids to code.

The Ollie is another robot from the Sphero family. Instead of the signature ball shape, Ollie looks more like a robotic steamroller. Compared to the original Sphero, Ollie is much faster in a straight line and quicker with direction changes thanks to its standard nubby tyres. The difference lies inside. While Sphero uses an internal gyro to change direction, Ollie uses 2 independent motors. This droid was meant to get extreme.

Controlling the Ollie

Ollie has its own Sphero Ollie app which you use to control it remotely. The Ollie handles differently to RC cars in one way. It always moves in the direction in which your fingers are pointing in the app. Handling feels more like a controlling a computer mouse than steering an RC car. You can also fine tune Ollie's handling by changing settings that work with different floor hardness, how fast Ollie turns and its max speed.

Ollie Tricks

This is where the Ollie definitely outshines the original Sphero. With just a flick of a finger on the trick pad, you can send Ollie into wild spins, and little jumps. Flatland tricks may look cool, but Ollie is also good at getting air. Made tough, Ollie handles bumps and shocks and keeps on rolling. Sphero have also made a range of ramps designed especially for the Ollie. They can either be set up as spines or halfpipes for shredding fun. The droid also works well outdoors with its nubby tyres, and you will soon be hunting for features that Ollie can perform tricks off.

Programming Ollie

You can program the Ollie with the Sphero EDU app. Just like the original Sphero, Ollie can respond to events such as collision, free fall and landing, and has the ability to move, spin, change color and emit sounds (via the app)


Ollie was designed to be a robotic racer and is a better choice than the original Sphero if you would like to do tricks with it. This little speed demon is very zippy indoors so watch out for it bumping into walls and furniture. When it comes to the programming aspect, we feel that the original robotic balls suit this purpose better. So yeah.. more play and outdoors than learning and classrooms for this radder Sphero bot.

Sphero Ollie Variations

Ollie comes in 2 flavours - Original and Darkside.

The Ollie's darker, radder cousin.

The 4WD version of the Sphero was made for fast fun outdoors.