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August 19 20
Nvidia's Jetson Nano made a bit of storm when it was first released. Here was an affordable GPU computer that let you do AI processing on the Edge. The Jetbot kit was designed to take advantage of the Nano’s capabilities, letting aspiring roboticists build and experiment with autonomous AI robots.
August 3 20
Sphero RVR had its origins in a Kickstarter where it easily smashed its campaign goal with pledges of over a $1M. The RVR was touted as the Go anywhere Do Anything Robot made by the Sphero team who have an extensive background in consumer & educational robots and building solid products. So how does the RVR perform?
June 10 20
DJI’s Robomaster S1 is a smart remote controlled tank that is just at home on the battlefield as it is in the lab. Compete in tournaments or learn how to program with this awesome robotics platform.
May 22 20
PLEN:bit is a cute microbit powered humanoid robot from the PLEN Project team. This little guy is big on personality and can be programmed to perform lots of cool moves.
August 21 19
Astro Boy or Atom is one of manga's most iconic robots.
August 20 19
The Raddest Sphero robot is great at tricks and getting air while still being a capable STEM toy for teaching kids to code.
August 19 19
Lego BOOST is a good intro to Robotics & Programming. The BOOST creative toolbox kit lets you build 5 models which teach kids about different aspects of robotics.
August 19 19
An Emotion Powered Robot developed by Groove X
August 15 19
The ERS-1000 is Sony's 4th generation Aibo.
August 9 19
The DJI Robomaster S1 is a futuristic drone tank
August 8 19
Visual programming app for kids to create animation, games and even program robots.
August 7 19
Sharp's Robohon is a walking, dancing robotic personal communications device.
August 5 19
Lego WeDo is a comprehensive STEM education kit for building interactive machines. The included curriculum & lessons gets kids building models & solving scientific problems.
August 2 19
Sphero is a fun, easy to use, indestructible little robot with lasting appeal. The sphere shaped robot is a fun remote control toy and can even teach you to code.
August 1 19
Fortnite Season 9 - The Final Showdown
July 30 19
DJI Tello is a great beginner drone for little and big kids that will have you flying in no time. The Tello EDU app lets you program Tello for autonomous flying.