DJI has announced the release of the Robomaster EP AI Drone - the second land based drone after the S1 battle tank. The EP 'Educational Platform?' is a high end robot designed specifically for STEM learning taking it's inspiration from the Robomaster competitions. At launch, the EP can be built into 2 configurations - the Hero with a blaster turret similar to the S1 and the Engineer with a gripper arm. The EP is outfitted with more than 50 onboard sensors which is more than on the S1. Coders and hackers will be have access to all functions via DJI's SDK which can be programmed with Scratch & Python. DJI also made the EP compatible with 3rd party sensors and boards like the Arduino, MicroBIT and Nvidia Jetson. Its definitely a step up from the loveable S1 and a true AI hacking platform which you can build into a fully autonomous robot. We can't wait to get our hands on one.