Virtual Idols like Hatsune Miku have been around for a while now and they even have massive fan bases. V-Idols are brought to life by song artists and teams who use real time motion capture technology and 3d rendering to give v-idols their unique personalities. What if these synth beings were able to learn to become idol themselves? Just like humans but accelerated by technology? We just heard the thump of a million otaku’s heart beat in unison. Enter the AI Idol. Rinna and Xiaoice are AI developed by Microsoft which were designed to learn about the emotional content of our world. Starting life as chat bots, they are becoming more like us every day - they can paint, compose poetry and music. Their latest work is a duet entitled “Futariseikai" - Two AI in the World. A fitting introduction that showcases how far they have come. Instead of being programmed, they sing by ear adapting to the musical score.