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Updated: Aug 19 2020

The Jetbot is an open source AI robot powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer to give robotics enthusiasts a way to experiment with self driving cars.

The JetBot is an open source robot car design by NVIDIA based on their Jetson Nano - a tiny but powerful computer made for AI experiments. JetBot was designed for programmers wanting to develop deep learning models for autonomous driving. You can replicate self driving car situations in your lab or home and test out the performance of your AI models. The JetBot is designed to go slow and steady, while their other model - the JetRacer is a speed demon for autonomous circuit racing.

The Jetbot Kit

NVIDIA open sourced the kit's specs so developers could build their own Jetbot, together with detailed instructions on how to get the software running. People who want to get straight into the programming can purchase NVIDIA approved plug and play kits from vendors such as Waveshare, RobocarStore & FaBo.



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