Photo by waveshare
Updated: Jun 5 2020

The JetRacer is an open source specification for autonomous racing cars based on NVIDIA's Jetson Nano.

NVIDIA designed the JetRacer on the Jetson Nano platform for robot car hackers to compete in racetrack environments. Think of JetRacer as the speed demon version of the JetBot. It's meant to go fast and it ain't stopping for no one.

JetRacer bodies are based on 2 RC models - the Latrax Rally and Tamiya TT02 kits while the brains are provided by the Jetson Nano. Hackers will work with the Jetson's machine learning and computer vision capabilities, tweaking and developing their own racing software with the aim of lapping the track in record time. You can build your own JetRacer according to the specs or purchase complete kits from vendors such as Waveshare & Fabo.



DIY Autonomous Car Racing with NVIDIA Jetson

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