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Updated: Jun 5 2020

Otto is a community driven bipedal robot.

The Otto robot is a cute bipedal robot which was created to make robots accessible to everyone. First conceived by roboticist Camilo Parra Palacio, the Otto robot is an open source design that has built up a community around it.

Otto robot has evolved over the years from the first walking biped to a full humanoid with moving arms and legs. The humanoid Otto has 8 servos giving it a good range of motion. Powered by Arduino, Otto also has sound, accelerometer and distance sensors and is bluetooth enabled.

One of the nice things about Otto is its simple design which lends itslef to endless creativity. The creators also encourage the community to hack Otto by 3D printing custom body parts.

There are 2 types of kits available from OttoDIY. Maker kits have all the electronics and servos which requires you to 3D print the parts. Builder kits come with everything you need to start assembling.

Programming Otto

Otto can be programmed using blockly - a block based language with its own app and the Arduino IDE. There is also a mobile app which gives you full control of Otto.

Otto Variations

Otto Microbit

The Otto team have also made a robot based on the popular micro:bit controller.



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