Photo by Unitree
Updated: Aug 3 2020

The Unitree A1 is a quadruped canine companion robot for the consumer market.

The Unitree A1 is the smallest of the company’s lineup of quadruped canine robots. This one is designed to be a companion robot. The A1 is equipped with Realsense cameras, VSLAM and dynamic balancing algorithms enabling it to maneuver around its environment with ease. A1 can run at speeds of up to 11.88kmh, traverse difficult terrain and perform back flips. Onboard cameras enable live HD transmission and the A1 can be piloted by remote control or set to navigate autonomously.



The Preview of Unitree A1
Robot Dog do Yoga with You
Quadruped robot A1 walk with you to the future
Unitree A1 is a Boston Dynamics Spot look-alike

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