Just a kid who likes to build robots.
August 17 20
The Microbit and Elecfreaks board can both be powered by the RVR's USB connection. Neat!
August 17 20
This is the Elecfreaks Octopus breakout board. You can use it to expand the Microbit. It has the option of operating at 3.3V or 5V. Which is great as this ultrasonic sensor needs 5V to work.
June 24 20
Controlling the RVR with a micro:bit. Will be adding another bit to use as a remote controller.
June 16 20
We got a new robot!
June 10 20
Using the RVR for exploring underwater.
June 10 20
FPV setup for the the Sphero RVR. We put a GoPro session on top of the rollcage with a PGYTech strap mount. The GoPro streams to the GoPro app on the iPad. We drive the RVR with EDU app.
May 26 20
Bad weather these last few days so we had an indoor session with Ollie on the ramp