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August 27 20
Want to get started in robotics? The good news is that you may already have the most important part of the robot in the palm of your hand. Intel researchers have published a guide on how to build a robot using your smart phone for a brain. Today's mobile phones pack a surprising amount of processing power, and with just a few robotics parts you can now build a robotic rover with minimal AI capabil…
July 27 20
Telexistence’s Model-T is a new service robot which will be debuting in Fami-Mart and Lawson Kombinis this Summer in Japan. Which wouldn’t be much of a thing except this robot looks like it stepped out of a Getter Robo anime. The aesthetics and form factor make the Model-T look like it should be saving a planet somewhere instead of loading Asahis and Sapporos into the fridge. Great looks aside, t…
July 17 20
Robovacs now have their place in the many a household. But where are home robots to take care of washing and putting away the clothes, watering the garden and all those other household tasks? Stretch is a new robot developed by the Hello Robot team to be a service robot for the home. While it may not look and act like the humanoid robot butlers sci fi has accustomed us to, its form is pure functio…
July 17 20
CubeSats are nano classed satellites, designed to be small (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) and inexpensive to make. Their size lets them hitch a ride up to space with other missions from where they can be deployed. This lowered the cost of entry significantly and enabled companies & research teams to carry out their ventures in space. Astrobotics & Carnegie Mellon University are taking this idea to planetar…
July 17 20
Check out this cool remote controlled submarine by the creators at The Brick Experiment channel. Smart use of magnetic couplings to drive the propellers from the inside of the sub compartment thus not requiring any drilling or holes. The addition of an FPV camera looks like it could be fun for underwater adventures.
July 13 20
If you have ever wanted to try creating your own autonomous car, you can now back this project on Kickstarter. TinkerGen’s Make a Robot Kit (MARK) is a kit made for people who want to experiment with their own self driving robot. The MARK robot is based on an Arduino board and includes a camera and sensors in an easy to put together kit. MARK comes with pre-trained AI for recognising objects in th…
July 13 20
Due to the pandemic fans will have to wait before they can pack out sports stadiums to cheer on their teams. However one team has a plan to keep the fighting spirit alive. Japanese Baseball team - the Fukuoka Hawks have employed Softbank’s Pepper and Boston Dynamics Spot robots as a cheer squad for the team. The group dances in unison and are able respond to home runs with special poses.
July 2 20
Virtual Idols like Hatsune Miku have been around for a while now and they even have massive fan bases. V-Idols are brought to life by song artists and teams who use real time motion capture technology and 3d rendering to give v-idols their unique personalities. What if these synth beings were able to learn to become idol themselves? Just like humans but accelerated by technology? We just heard t…
June 26 20
Robovie-z is a new bipedal humanoid robot released by Vstone designed for STEM experimentation. Underlying the Robovie-z is a Raspberry Pi4 computer, Pi4 camera and the VS-RC026 robot board which makes it AI capable with advanced image processing and autonomous movement. Robovie-Z may not be the first humanoid robot designed for consumers, but it's the first robot we have seen that can bust out ca…
June 23 20
We could soon see Transformers in the real world. The Aquanaut robot by Houston Mechatronics was designed for underwater work. Aquanaut takes on a submarine form for travelling underwater and transforms to a hybrid humanoid for complex operations requiring the use of arms and tools. Very cool design.
June 23 20
A promotional video for Daijuji temple envisions a battle between Samurai and Ninja. A micro drone was used to simulate the Ninja's POV. The pilot sure has some mad drone ninjutsu flying skills.
June 23 20
Spot from Boston Dynamics - the world's most advanced robotic dog is finally on sale to the public. Each pup will cost a cool $75k USD or about the price of a new Tesla Model S. There are some rules however.. In keeping with Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics, Boston Dynamics will not sell Spot to you if your intention is to "harm or intimidate" people. That means no weapons attachments and Robo dog …
June 10 20
Fans of Ghost in the Shell will be excited to see that their dream of having a real Tachikoma is getting closer every day. Robot company Cerevo has released an 1/8 scale version which has the full movement and articulation of the original (without the guns). The robot was designed in collaboration with the team which produced the TV anime in order to get the kawaii personality just right. Whats s…
May 27 20
Groove-X has announced 'Love Study' the coding aspect for their LOVOT human companion robots. People can now write programs for their cuddly LOVOT robots in a visual block based language similar to Scratch.
May 27 20
Gundam fans are going to love this. Bandai have a STEM course called 'ZEONIC TECHNICS'. You get to assemble your own Zaku mobile suit and learn how to program it. The robot itself looks amazing with a lots of available motion and poses. When will they release Gundam so they can battle?
May 27 20
embot from DoCoMo is a new STEM kit for kids which combine papercraft and robotics. The kit comes with cardboard templates which you fold into various parts for a robot. There is a core computer which connects to some LEDs and servos and all parts can be controlled by the accompanying app. Everything is designed to be super cute and toy-like so even young children will not find it intimidating to …
May 21 20
DJI has announced the release of the Robomaster EP AI Drone - the second land based drone after the S1 battle tank. The EP 'Educational Platform?' is a high end robot designed specifically for STEM learning taking it's inspiration from the Robomaster competitions. At launch, the EP can be built into 2 configurations - the Hero with a blaster turret similar to the S1 and the Engineer with a gripper…
May 18 20
The ERS-1000 is Sony's 4th generation Aibo.
January 10 20
Ballie - Samsung's latest robot is touted to improve your 'me' time. This little ball shaped robot lacks limbs, but can move around by rolling and is equipped with a front facing camera. The magic is in the AI which lets Ballie recognise visuals and respond to commands and situations. The personal assistant droid will be able to take care of your tasks such as waking you up, raising window blinds,…
August 28 19
Astro Boy or Atom is one of manga's most iconic robots.
August 19 19
What is a LOVOT? Its a LOVE x ROBOT developed by Groove X. Think robotic plush toy. The home companion robot's job is to relax you and make you feel better. Emotional technology programming lets LOVOT read your mood and react in different ways to fill you with positive energy. LOVOT can offer us companionship in a future where humans are increasingly isolated.
August 9 19
The latest drone from DJI is a land based robot tank called the Robomaster S1. But this ain't no normal tank. The S1 is a full on futuristic robot tank with a wealth of tech borrowed from the Robot warriors in DJI's own Robomaster competitions. The S1's Mecanum wheels enable it to move like no other vehicle. It can move in any direction, strafing to avoid enemy fire. That same active track system…
August 7 19
Sharp's Robohon. Why use a mobile phone when you can interact with a robot? Sharp's latest Robohon model is your robotic personal communication device. Robohon can understand and respond to your commands, is able to walk and even gets down to funky music with some cute dance moves. Embedded in Robohon's head is a mini projector capable of displaying your photos and videos. Sharp is also expanding …
August 2 19
Robomaster 2019 Final Tournament is on in 4 days. Every year, over 200 teams of aspiring robot builders gather in Shenzhen for one of the worlds biggest robotics competition. This year 32 teams have made it to the final round to engage in battle for the title of Robomaster.
August 1 19
RoboPunk loves giant mecha vs rampaging kaiju fights. In Season 9 of Fortnite, players were treated to a live event where towering robot Doggus battles with the giant Cattus monster. Massive devastation ensues.